Nate Mattson's 1991 Imperial

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1991 Imperial

I acquired my 1991 Chrysler Imperial in January of 2010 at a car auction in Olympia WA. The winning bid was around $550 I knew I had to have the car, as I have always loved the newer imperials. The car however did have some issues, which needed repair.

ABS light and Brake light were on. I had almost no brakes. After taking it to a local repair shop and leaving it there for close to 2 months they were unable to repair the ABS system. I was doing some research online when I came across many people with he same problem I was having. Apparently these late 80ís to early 90ís Dynastyís, New Yorkers, and Imperials with ABS were prone to Brake system failure. Chrysler had given the ABS system a lifetime warranty and all that was needed was to take the car to the dealer. Sure enough less than a week later my cars ABS system was repaired and my only cost was some labor.

Odometer was not counting the miles. I have the analog cluster in my imperial. I replaced it with one from a wrecking yard out of a 1990 Dodge Dynasty however my fuel gauge started bouncing so I ordered one from ebay in AS IS condition out of a 1989 Dynasty. Thought all was well as my fuel gauge was now working however my odometer from the 1989 was not working right. What I did to remedy this was to take the speedometer section out of the cluster of the 1990 Dynasty and installed the rest of the gauges from the í89 Dynasty into my gauge housing for my imperial. Got it fixed

It had some electrical problems I believe from an after-market stereo installation, Also the trunk motor was not functioning got that replaced from one I found on ebay.

I went ahead and replaced the fuel pump as it was having acceleration issues. That cured it right up.

After I got the bugs worked out of the Imperial, it has turned out to be a great car I have pretty much given the car to my mother who loves the smooth quiet ride. I believe the car has about 180,000 miles on it but due to the odometer failure I canít be certain. I am a proud owner of a 1991 Chrysler Imperial and have no intentions of selling it.



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