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Ad No.: 3362 - Subject: 1964 to 1966 LeBaron - Posted on: 10/19/2014
City: Des Moines - State/Country: Iowa
Reply to: Bryan Moran at

Want to buy a nice original 1964 to 1966 Lebaron in a dark color exterior. Looking for a nice driver, maintained. email me with as much information as possible and photos please.

Ad No.: 3348 - Subject: Trade for a 57 Imperial Crown - Posted on: 10/8/2014
City: Kaukauna - State/Country: WI
Reply to: Vince at

Looking for a 1957 Imperial Crown Hardtop for a trade. Want to trade a 1876 Business Pheaton Horse drawn carriage for a 1957 Chrysler Imperial Crown Hardtop. Carriage is in excelllent shape. Everything works. Leather interior is original and like new. Whole carriage is a "10" Has wood shaaves for single and complete tree for a double. 57 Imp must be in good condition,run and everything working. Want Imperial for nestaglia reasons. Not a fixer upper. I wasn't around when carriage was used. :-) Carriage was used by a lobbyist in D.C. during President Grants terms. Will be happy to exchange pictures with interested party. I'm trading a 2 horse power for an Imp. What a deal.

Ad No.: 3346 - Subject: 1959 Imperial - Posted on: 10/7/2014
City: Fritsla - State/Country: Sweden
Reply to: Hans Mansson at

1959 Imperial crown or lebaron 4-door hardtop solid rustfree in good condition

Ad No.: 3338 - Subject: Wanted: 1981-83 Imperial - Posted on: 10/2/2014
City: Seattle - State/Country: WA
Reply to: Chuck Houston at

Interested in a 81-83 Imperial. No projects please. Must be rust free with sorted mechanics and nice cosmetics.

Ad No.: 3331 - Subject: 1957-1961 Imperial Convertible - Posted on: 9/23/2014
City: Arlington Heights - State/Country: IL
Reply to: Garrett Baker at

Looking for a 1957-1961 Imperial convertible project. Prefer a 1961. Any condition. Total basket cases are fine, parts cars, incomplete cars, whatever. E-mail me. Garrett

Ad No.: 3318 - Subject: 64-66 LeBaron or Coupe Driver wanted - Posted on: 9/14/2014
City: Des Moines - State/Country: Iowa
Reply to: Bryan Moran at

I am looking for a driver 64-66 LeBaron in a dark color. Prefer black or dark blue, maybe gold. Budget up to $3000 tops. Obviously the car can have issues but there is a lot of inventory out there. I am in Iowa. Crown coupes are OK too but no 4 door Crowns. I like the formal back window treatments. 515-520-2611

Ad No.: 3293 - Subject: Looking for a 1963 Imperial LeBaron - Posted on: 8/21/2014
City: Pflugerville - State/Country: Tx
Reply to: Mark Evans at

Looking for a nice '63 Imperial LeBaron. Will consider an exceptional Crown or other Bug-Eyed Imperial (61-63).

Ad No.: 3291 - Subject: 1975 Imperial or '76 New Yorker coupe - Posted on: 8/19/2014
City: fort dodge - State/Country: iowa
Reply to: robert saigh at

Addition to post #3290....1975 Imperial coupe (blue color) or 1976 New Yorker coupe Wanted. My phone Number is 515-269-3675, Iowa. Robert

Ad No.: 3290 - Subject: 1975 Imperial or '76 New Yorker coupe - Posted on: 8/19/2014
City: fort dodge - State/Country: iowa
Reply to: robert saigh at

Wanted: 1975 imperial coupe (fancy landau roof), or a '76 New Yorker coupe. For sentimental reasons I am looking for one that's Blue in color. Driver, but rust free if possible!

Ad No.: 3275 - Subject: 1962-1965 Imperial Convertible Wanted - Posted on: 8/11/2014
City: Ridgeland - State/Country: MS/USA
Reply to: Don at

I am looking for a very nice to extremely nice, running Imperial convertible to buy. I don't need a project car thanks. (Been there and done that before.) I do want a drivable solid car. email:

Ad No.: 3266 - Subject: 1975 Imperial or '76-78 New Yorker coupe - Posted on: 8/9/2014
City: fort dodge - State/Country: iowa
Reply to: robert saigh at

Wanted: 1975 Imperial coupe or '76-'78 New Yorker coupe! Prefer a dark color (blue), No rust and a good driver if possible. Robert.... 515-269-3675

Ad No.: 3265 - Subject: wanted 1964 Imperial 4 door Le Baron - Posted on: 8/8/2014
City: west hartford - State/Country: ct
Reply to: peter dehertogh at

Looking for a 1964 or 1965 4 door Le Baron in excellent condition. Black is the preferred color. Will consider others.

Ad No.: 3257 - Subject: 1975 Imperial or '76-78 New Yorker coupe - Posted on: 8/1/2014
City: fort dodge - State/Country: iowa
Reply to: robert saigh at

Looking for a 1975 Imperial 2-door or 1976-78 New Yorker 2-door. Rust free and a driver. Robert Saigh, 515-269-3675

Ad No.: 3250 - Subject: 1957 - 62 Imperial wanted. - Posted on: 7/26/2014
City: Modesto - State/Country: ca
Reply to: Chris at

Prefer a 2 door or le baron. Any condition.

Ad No.: 3197 - Subject: Imperial 1961 - Posted on: 6/30/2014
City: Hämeenlinna - State/Country: Finland
Reply to: Seppo Vuorinen at

Wanted Imperial 1961

Ad No.: 3137 - Subject: Wanted: 1956 Imperial - Posted on: 5/4/2014
City: Auckland - State/Country: New Zealand
Reply to: Steven Spires at

I am after a 56 Imperial, It must be solid car with no or minimal rust. I am not after a show car but a nice driver or a car that needs minor restoration work. Having original patina and a worn interior is fine. I would prefer a two door Southampton but would consider a 4 door depending on the car.

Ad No.: 3116 - Subject: 91-93 Imperial - Posted on: 4/24/2014
City: Grove - State/Country: OK
Reply to: Robert Martin at

I am interested in buying a 91-93 Imperial and the requirements are: #1 or #2 condition and low mileage (relative low mileage), one of the dark colors, leather preferred, electronic package highly preferred, must have the 3.8 V6, air suspension highly highly highly NOT preferred, and definitely want a CD although I am sure it could be added.

Ad No.: 3028 - Subject: Coupe 1969 1973 to cross USA sept. - Posted on: 3/2/2014
City: Geneve - State/Country: Suisse
Reply to: Caix at

Hi, i d like to travel New York san fransisco this september. I d lové to do it on a coupe 69 to 73. Of some One has One to rent/sell/move please contact me

Ad No.: 2997 - Subject: 1957,58,68,73 imperial wanted - Posted on: 2/14/2014
City: oakdale - State/Country: mn
Reply to: devin at

The title says it all,I am looking for either a 1958,57,68,73 im perial.I have an idea of what prices are like for these cars and a project is okay.I am in minnesota and would just kind of like to see what is out there in minnesota or wisconsin.Thanks.I would prefera reply through email which is

Ad No.: 2981 - Subject: WANTED/WILL TRADE - Posted on: 2/9/2014
City: Palm Springs - State/Country: CA
Reply to: Doug Patterson at

I have a 1988 Lincoln Town Car (Rare wide body) stretch limousine. Over $4,000.00 spent on mechanical work and new vinyl top last year. 60k original miles. Also have a really nice 1990 Mercedes Benz 300SE, Original paint and interior. Garaged always. Will trade for a 1967-1973 Imperial. Might consider other years. Thanks

Ad No.: 2977 - Subject: 1968 Imperial Convertible - Posted on: 2/5/2014
City: Los Angeles - State/Country: CA
Reply to: Art at

Looking for a 1968 Imperial convertible. I am interested in projects and decently kept ones as well but not one that is very nicely kept since it may be too expensive for me. Thank you, Art

Ad No.: 2974 - Subject: 1969-1973 Imperial 2door - Posted on: 2/1/2014
City: Flint - State/Country: MI
Reply to: Markku J at

Looking a driver for next summer. Might have some work. Send me an email markku.jaakkola(at) Markku Flint, MI