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These pages are dedicated to my favorite hobby -- the restoration and preservation of the fabulous automobile known as the Imperial.

From the early years of Chrysler Corporation's history, the Imperial nameplate was used to designate the finest car of the line. Beginning with the 1955 model year, Imperial became a separate marque unto itself, with a unique model lineup for each year.  Thus, the Imperial nameplate was treated as a separate make from the regular Chrysler lineup from 1955 until 1975.  Unfortunately, the Imperial ceased production in 1975.

The Imperials of that twenty year span are recognizedamong collectors as some of the finest American automobiles ever produced.They represent an ideal of style, luxury, comfort, and excess which has not been duplicated since that time.

For more information on the Imperial and its history, please see Bob Schmitt's excellent Imperial Frequently Asked Questions.

1971 Imperial in Honeydew

My own personal experience with Imperials began in 1976,when my grandmother purchased a 1971 Imperial LeBaron.  Her Imperial was Honeydew in color with a Chestnut vinyl top and Gold cloth brocade interior, similar to the car shown here.

Even though I was only four years old at the time grandmotherpurchased the car, I got to know it very well, since grandmother droveit until 1991.  All those years of riding in that car, and later drivingit, allowed me ample opportunity to experience its comforts. Since thattime, I have been hooked on Imperials!

Over the years, my personal collection of Imperials has continued to grow.  While the '71 Imperial will always hold a special sense of nostalgia for me, I've found that all years of Imperials have something unique to offer.  Click on the links below for lots of pictures and information about my Imperials.

Elijah Scott's 1971 Imperial LeBaron

In 1988, I purchased my first Imperial -- a 1971 Imperial LeBaron four door hardtop in Midnight Blue Metallic with a Black vinyl top and Dark Blue cloth brocade interior. Owning this car has been quite an adventure!

Elijah Scott's 1965 Imperial LeBaron

In 1999, I purchased a 1965 Imperial LeBaron in Formal Black with a Black vinyl top and Red leather interior.  This car is definitely a project, but the color combination is striking, and LeBarons are few -- so I definitely consider it to be a worthwhile project!

Elijah Scott's 1970 Imperial LeBaron

In 2002, I purchased this 1970 Imperial LeBaron four door hardtop in Bahama Blue Metallic with a Dark Blue vinyl top and Dark Blue cloth brocade interior.  This car has low mileage and is in very good condition.

Imperial places to see, things to do!

The Imperial Home Page is the BEST place on the planet for Imperial information.Tony Lindsey created this site in 1996, and thanks to a terrific group of volunteers, it has grown to include an astoundingamount of information of interest to Imperial owners.  You can find almost everything you need to know about the history of Imperials, as well as maintenance, repair, fun events, and membership in theOnline Imperial Club.
I repair power window switches, power seat switches, headlight switches, and other miscellaneous items for Imperials and other Chrysler products.  Visit myImperial Power Window Switch Repair site for more information.
Want to read more about the Imperial?  Find links to books for Imperial history and repair at the Imperial Bookshelf!
The Imperialist isa series of stunning pages of Imperial photographs and information createdby Dave Duricy, an admirer of both Imperials and DeSotos.
My friend Terry's Imperial Restoration Projects is a great series of pages about his efforts torestore Alexandria, a 1973 Imperial LeBaron; Sophia, a 1974 Imperial LeBaron; and a 1975 Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe(as yet unnamed).
The Imperial, by Chrysler is a very informative series of pages by Bob Schmitt, who also owns a 1966 Imperial LeBaron.
Links to many useful pages about the Imperial can be found at the Imperial Mailing List's Members' Web Pages & Related Links.

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